PTCL’s Flash Fiber said to deliver the fastest internet.

PTCL has recently launched its Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) service called Flash Fiber which is claimed to be currently the ‘fastest internet in town Area’ which delivers a maximum speed of 100 Mbps to its all customers.

In a world of connectivity, the need of the internet has become a need rather than a luxury during the bad times of COVID where the majority of the workforce, education sector, etc. have shifted to using online tools. Yet still, there are numerous areas in Pakistan where quality internet is not very good.

Despite the variances in the quality speed of the internet, many internet service providers are now utilizing the power of broadband fiber optics. Though these fiber optics it may convey information at the speed of light, that particular speed is totally dependent upon how the pulses of light are encoded and decoded from one point to another.

However, PTCL’s Flash Fiber is said to provide a top-tier communication service to its customers which will allow users to access unlimited downloads under a reasonable plan.

Moreover, this includes features such as triple-play service with no additional cost, free smart TV, and much more. To check the proper coverage of Flash Fiber in your area.

PTCL is further working on numerous projects to enhance communication and internet service in Pakistan. The company had even provided a demonstration of its 5G service to a limited audience quite recently.

It’s only a matter of time that high-speed connectivity will become the new normal in Pakistan soon.