iPhone 12 Pro Max, The Only 2020 iPhone With Fastest 5G

iPhone 12 Pro Max, The Only 2020 iPhone With Fastest 5G

All the 2020 iPhone 12 series have antenna and battery to support 6Hz 5G.


iPhone 12 Pro Max, the upcoming end role model of 12 series, is said to be support the high speed millimeter wave of 5G wireless service. All the phones in 12 series will support the  sub 6 5G but in the line of 12 series only  IPhone Pro Max of 6.5 inch large screen will accommodate the mm-wave’s power draw with highly supported large battery and special antenna design to provide the fastest services of mm-wave 5G.

Also the sources says, this version will only be provided in USA, Japan and South Korea.

The difference between Sub-6 5G and mm-wave 5G is its bandwidth. The later provides large bandwidth resulting in high speed connectivity whereas the former provides limited bandwidth resulting in relatively lower speed. Millimeter wave travels over high frequency spectrum, somewhere between 24 GHz and 39GHz along with download speed of up to 1Gbps and sometimes beyond this speed.

Sub-6 service uses frequency spectrum of and below 6Hz, produces speed of much and more like a good 4G connection. It provides the download speed of 51 Mbps.


According to reports, Apple will soon announce the two high end IPhones, IPhone pro max and 6.1 inch IPhone Pro. Whereas it will soon launch the low price models, the 5.4 inch IPhone 12 and 6.1 inch IPhone 12 Max.

Ps: Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max price in Pakistan is expected to be Rs. 264,999.



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