Brain-computer interface is another emerging field of research on which many new highlights have been made so far. Recently we have published our post in which Elon Musk’s neuralink updated about their findings to read the neurons.
And now Facebook informs about its research into BCI. Supporting a team of researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. Facebook gave its very first update on the work since they introduced this project officially in 2017. The Goal of this team-up was to read the mind without any need of implantation of electrodes into the human brain. Meanwhile, a system to “decode silent speech”.
The researchers have stated in the published paper in Nature that, “Recently, speech decoding paradigms have been implemented in real-time applications”. Moreover being able to “decode a small set of full, spoken words and phrases from brain activity in real-time.”

“Being able to recognize even a handful of imagined commands, like ‘home,’ ‘select,’ and ‘delete,’ would provide entirely new ways of interacting with today’s VR systems—and tomorrow’s AR glasses,” said Facebook.

Facebook revealed its hope for implementing this technology in its own most awaiting AR glasses and it surely needs a decade to become a reality.



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