Elon Musk’s Plan to Read the Neurons

Many of technophilic knows about the great technology influencer Elon Musk,who is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and engineer.Elon Musk revealed his plan to put sensors in human brain. Recently Elon Musk upgrade about neuralink's progress it made over last few years in field of Brain- Computer interface. New York Times  published the information from an early briefing of neuralink that is straight to science fiction.  The officials enclosed that “sewing machine-like" robot will soon be implanted into human brain. According to the source the results so far are achieved by performing experiments on rats. Therefore, it is uncertain that it may or may not work successfully on humans. Elon Musk believe that connecting things with brain is the only way to compete with artificial intelligence.

For more info :-http://Neuralink.com

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