Facebook was fined $5 billion dollar for privacy violations

It might be the news of the day for you if you are Facebook addicted and upload your information out of trust. It was reported in Washington Post that US Government criticized and fined $5 billion against Facebook for privacy violations.

According to Federal Trade Commission, it was the largest fine ever paid in US history for privacy violations. Despite facebook’s promises to its global users that they would control the privacy threats, but they were repeatedly failed to do so; added by the FTC chairman.

Read more about FTC remarks on [https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/facebook-order-for-civil-penalty-monetary-judgement-and-injunctive-relief/7eaee509-90f7-44a5-a509-15b9b7012ebd/?utm_term=.3504b8d89e68]

FTC reportedly held Zuckerberg responsible for this failure. As a settlement, besides fine, it also gives access to the grant to FTC regulators to inspect the actions of facebook authorities including chief executive Mark Zuckerberg.

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