A portal to a parallel universe? An Illusion or Reality?

If you are Stranger things fan you must admire the science fiction mirrored life concept of Netflix. Now Scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in eastern Tennessee are conducting experiments to prove this concept by showing an alternative concept of an identical universe that exists and mirroring our life.

Leah Broussard the physicist who is currently leading the experiment is trying to open a portal to a parallel universe. She told NBC about the plan is “pretty wacky” and added that it will “totally change the game,” ahead of a series of experiments she plans to run this summer. She calls this “oscillation”. The scientists are intended to made use of beam of subatomic particles down a 50-foot tunnel, whereas this beams pass a powerful magnet and into an impenetrable wall. If some of those particles will transform into mirror-image versions of themselves then it would help the physicist to discover the parallel universe.